3 Shortcuts to MLM Success

Most everyone over the age of 18 has been approached by or joined an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company at some point in your life. And many of us have joined them to have the financial abundance and time freedom that a Successful MLM Business can provide.

However, for those that succeed with their business opportunity, there are many that fail to find success. And even fewer find the shortcuts to MLM Success which can take years off of the learning curve for most people.

These MLM shortcuts to success are among the most important things that someone can know when joining their business opportunity or starting a home based business:

1) The first MLM success shortcut is to realize that when people join your business opportunity, they are buying YOU and your system, not the product. People will buy the product for it’s benefits, but if they join as a distributor, they are buying into ‘Brand YOU’. Simply put, people must believe in you before they will join your business.

2) The second shortcut to success with your MLM is to realize that it is NOT a lottery ticket. In other words, it’s going to take work and you won’t be rich by next Thursday. (You know that, right?) MLM opportunities are a business, and must be treated accordingly. This means you are going to have to grow, learn, and put in the time. You will be rewarded for these efforts, but like any good business, it takes a little longer than the lifespan of a turkey in November.

3) The last success shortcut is that you a plan (besides 3 way calls and the ‘3 foot rule’) and you must work your plan. You need this plan NOW- as in right away- so that you don’t waste 6 months before you get serious. This means that you have to decide on how you are going to meet the ‘right people’ and how to say the ‘right things’ on a consistent basis. This is because once Uncle Jim and Aunt Betty have joined your business, how are you going to continue to grow?

These MLM success shortcuts aren’t a secret, but they are very important. You must treat your business the same way that you would a restaurant or any other business. You need to have a plan and a system, and you can’t rely on friends and family to continue to make money. You need to realize that it’s going to take time and effort, and you need to work your plan and enroll other people in helping to see it through to success!

As the saying goes, “The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line.” The better your plan, the straighter the line; the better your system, the faster you can travel the line; and realizing that it takes work and preparation makes the line easier to traverse.

Begin with these shortcuts to MLM success in mind, and you’ll be on the right track!

For more tips, techniques, and free information on how to grow your MLM Opportunity rapidly, visit Derick’s website http://www.250kMLM.com or read his other articles online.

Derick Van Ness owns several businesses including his primary MLM Business, a Real Estate Company, and his Marketing and Consulting Practice where he coaches people on how to succeed with their MLM businesses and Marketing Systems.

You can find out more at Derick’s website: http://www.250kMLM.com or e-mail him at derick@250kMLM.com. Derick Van Ness lives and works in Southern California year round.

Article Author :Derick_Van_Ness


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