A Successful Way to Grow a Huge MLM Downline

Most people in MLM or Home Based Business Opportunities think that they are being taught a successful way to grow a huge MLM downline team, only to realize 6 months later that they were being deceived.

Fortunately, most often this deception comes because the people doing the teaching don’t truly know any successful way to grow a massive MLM downline, and are just repeating what they were taught by their upline.

This is a classic case of the ‘blind leading the blind’.

The good news is that there IS a cure this disillusionment and confusion. The answer to successfully growing this elusive ‘Huge MLM Downline’ lies in understanding how MLM companies work.

All the sign ups, meetings, and trainings in the world are great- but the fundamental basis for any successful business (home based or not) is SELLING PRODUCT! These product sales are what create the secure residual income- and that’s why people join an MLM or Home Based Business, isn’t it?

So a successful basis for a way to grow this huge MLM downline is to find people who actually need the PRODUCT first. If you use this approach, your prospects are much more receptive to you and your sales presentation. You don’t sell them on making a million dollars by next Wed, residual income, or any of the other ‘Traditional’ MLM buzz words. You actually sell them the product and let them be a customer first… Seems too simple right?

Here’s why it works:

1)If people use the product and it works, they become an undying believer. This means that they will stick with the product and probably use it forever- or at least longer than the typical 90 days the most MLM customers stick around.

2)Everyone is an opportunity seeker, but most people don’t want to sell a product or service that they don’t know about or use themselves. By recruiting them as a customer and ONLY talking about the business AFTER they love the product, you have overcome 99% of the hurdles you regularly face.

3)Because they know the product works, this type of business builders will talk to anyone and everyone about it. They will be a ‘die hard’ promoter, and are much more likely to sell a lot of product than someone who is only chasing the money.

4)Even if this type of recruit tries the business and fails, they will continue to use the product because it gives them value and benefit- whether he does the business opportunity or not! This means that your residual income is safe, and will continue to come in month after month.

So if you are seeking a proven and successful way to grow a huge or massive MLM downline, try sticking to the fundamentals. Sell the PRODUCT first, and show your customers the business after they’ve seen how great the product and company really are!

Derick Van Ness owns several businesses including his primary MLM Business, a Real Estate Company, and his Marketing and Consulting Practice where he coaches people on how to succeed with their MLM businesses and Marketing Systems.

You can find out more at Derick’s website: http://www.250kMLM.com or e-mail him at derick@250kMLM.com. Derick Van Ness lives and works in Southern California year round.

Article Author :Derick_Van_Ness


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