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to just a small sampling of how the 1stPromotion Integrated Income System helps you to maximize your affiliate income.

Let’s look at what building a brand on the web means, and the advantages of building brand identity.

McDonalds, Sears, Home Depot, Yahoo!, Ebay, Amazon. All of these stores and web sites have built their brand recognition to the point where they are all pretty much household names.

Having a brand, and promoting your site as a brand helps to build customer recognition and customer confidence. With so many websites out there, building your website around a catchy or memorable name will help your customers find you.

Promoting products as an affiliate is a great opportunity to make some serious money, but the affiliates that are serious about making money know the benefits of appearing to be an
independent vendor for any given product.

This not only adds the look of exclusivity, it also builds confidence with your potential buyers that you are professional and gives you the “big company” look.

OK , I know that most of us can’t afford to hire a business identity professional to help us with this… what can the average Joe or average Joann do?

Building a brand and doing business on the web as that brand is extremely simple.

By owning your own domain name, and hosting your site independently of the main vendor you can build all of the benefits of brand recognition,buyer confidence and perhaps most importantly, help your customers find you the next time they are shopping!

Which of the following examples would you prefer to do business with?

Website Address:

Both web addresses above go to the same website.  Case closed. Pretty simple.

Owning a domain name can help anyone to build a brand. Also as shown in the example above, owning your own domain name entitles you to have a number of email addresses related to that domain name.


Branding on the web can also be extended into so many other aspects, but none will affect a web business more than the domain name. You don’t need to own a high-dollar domain name, but personalized or targeted to your niche can really help you in your quest for success online.

Did you know:

No one ever needs to know that you own a 1stPromotion Integrated Income System?


Our unique branding ability allows you to;

Use your own domain name; Host your site independently; (no affiliate web address) Custom Email Addresses; Use your own logo; Input your photo; Input your contact info; Your own featured products; and so much more! Combine these features with our 6 different color schemes and your  1stPromotion  web site will reflect you and your business identity, NOT ours!

Remember, the shorter and the more memorable the domain name the better!

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