Competition tightens at Corporate Games

The 20th annual Corporate Games, hosted by the city of Ventura this year, consisted of a series of sporting activities conducted for 4 divisions of businesses. Division-A consisted of the largest employers, division-B consisted of the larger employers, division-C consisted of companies with 51 to 150 employees, and division-D consisted of the smaller employers.

Sixty six companies from Ventura and Santa Barbara counties participated in this six-week challenge. The final results were announced on May 15th at the closing ceremony at Harbor Cove Beach in Ventura.

In division-A, champion Amgen won the top position with first place in darts and team biathlon and second place in basketball and beach volleyball. The company leads the county of Ventura Kamagra Gold by 15-points. Cialis Professional Naval Base Ventura County won the beach volleyball competition and grabbed the third position. The city of Ventura won the first place in basketball and acquired the fourth position.

In division-B, Patagonia of Ventura won the top position with 50 points after winning in beach volleyball. Proctor & Gamble grabbed the second position with 29 points after winning in basketball. Monsanto took the third position with 24 points.

In division-C, Cydcor of Westlake Village won the top position. The Cydcorteam won the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office in basketball, and grabbed the first place. The Cydcor Company got a lot of support and proved to be a very competitive Kamagra Soft company.

In division-D, Limoneira grabbed the first position with 26 points after a win in darts. Crescendo took the second position with 19 points, Zindagi Games of Camarillo grabbed the third position with 16 points, and Impact Sciences of Camarillo grabbed the fourth position after getting the second place in basketball.

All rimonabant Levitra online buy kaufen the companies which participated in this six-week challenge enjoyed a good challenge. Among the four divisions, the division-C Cialis Jelly proved Cialis Professional to be the most competitive companies.


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