Finally!? A pain-free solution to get your pages into the search engines fast.

For the website publisher, getting your articles and other content into the search engines (so you can start making money fast) is often a challenge.Although there are a number of solutions, most of them require some kind of work. And when you have a number of websites, this takes valuable hours of your day you could be spending on more profitable tasks.

One of the most popular shortcuts is the “Blog and ping” technique. This process works in 4 steps:

1. Build a search engine “spider trap” by creating a free blog on (they can’t resist freshly updated content).

2. Grab a free account at

3. Post links to the web pages you want spidered inside your blog.

4. Then, just call the search engine spiders to dinner by sending (or “pinging”), with the click of a button, the blog to your MyYahoo account.

All of this takes around 15 minutes or less to get any page you want into the search engines. Best of all, you didn’t have to spend hours writing anything.

But, even doing it manually, takes too much time when you have a lot pages.

Blogging Equalizer is a tool that automates this process. So, it allows you to potentially get thousands of pages into the search engines without any time-consuming or tedious work.

However, if you only have a single small website (and don’t intend to build anymore), then this tool may not be worth your time. You’re better off doing the technique manually.

On the other hand, if you are constantly creating new websites, getting this new tool is a no-brainer. Because it gets your websites off to the right start so they start making money a lot faster than they otherwise would.

This means you can quickly move onto the next site, instead of spending more time than you have to on the old ones.

For usability, Blogging Equalizer is a breeze to put into action. You just fill in your information and the software scours your website to uncover all of its pages. Then, you just click the “Blog Now” button.

There were no noticeable flaws and since it has been first put out, there’s already been a free upgrade.

A key advantage Blogging Equalizer has over other tools is that it has many features to make the software work as though a person is pushing the buttons.

This is important because it means the search engines and free blog host won’t think you’re a piece of software.

Simply put, Blogging Equalizer is a complete solution and a powerful tool to every website owner who’s always creating new sites.

With its power in your hands, you’ll increase your AdSense income and get traffic faster to boost your sales.

To pick-up your copy, visit:
Blogging Equalizer


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