How to Grow My MLM Opportunity Faster

Many people all over the world now have a home business and are hoping it will bring them the financial security and rewards that they dream about. Unfortunately, the success rate for home based businesses is far lower than it should be because most people quit their business before they ever really start it.

The key to overcoming this common pitfall is to ask yourself, “How can I grow my MLM Opportunity faster?” If you begin with this goal in mind- a fast start- you are ensuring that you will take action NOW, see results SOONER rather than later, and increase your chances of success exponentially.

The first and most important thing to answering your question of “How can I get faster results and help my MLM Opportunity grow?” is to have a plan as soon as possible. That means sit down and write it out- tonight! Without a plan you will be running in circles (think dog chasing his tail) and getting nowhere fast.

With this in mind, I’m going to lay out my basic plan to every home based business that I ever undertake. See if it passes the “How Can I Grow My MLM Opportunity Faster” Test. ( I guarantee it’s faster than the 3 foot rule)

I call it E.S.T.A.L. and it stands for:

E – Educate. Learn about your product/service and company as quickly as possible.

S – Simplify. Cut out all of the fluff and determine the primary benefits of your product/service. Also decide how you are going to work within your company’s system for maximum results & who you are going to target.

T – Test. Test your plan and system on a small scale, and check the results. If they aren’t profitable enough, tweak your system and test it again. Repeat this step until you get a result that meets your requirements.

A – Automate. Create systems that require little or none of your time to continue to carry out the necessary activities. NOTE: In MLM you will always need to be around to help your team until they are fully self sufficient. Therefore, automate as much as possible without losing the personal connection needed to build and lead your team.

L – Leverage. Simply put, do work in such a way that you do the work 1 time, and get paid for it over and over again. Or work such that you do something once and it is able to reach many people. Again ask yourself again, “How can I grow my MLM opportunity faster?” This includes things like doing training videos (instead of live trainings & presentations), teaching & training in large groups, and recruiting in such a way that you don’t have to do all of the ‘repetitious work’ every time.

If you implement the E.S.T.A.L. system into your business, you will reap the rewards of building you business properly, and the answer to the question of ‘How can I grow my MLM opportunity faster’ will become self evident.

Derick Van Ness owns several businesses including his primary MLM Business, a Real Estate Company, and his Marketing and Consulting Practice where he coaches people on how to succeed with their MLM businesses and Marketing Systems.

You can find out more at Derick’s website: or e-mail him at Derick Van Ness lives and works in Southern California year round.

Article Author :Derick_Van_Ness


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