I bet you’re thinking;

“So far this sounds exciting, but with a product this great, won’t my site look the same as thousands of other 1stPromotion websites out there?

Isn’t this one of those “cookie cutter” sites the search engine at Google penalizes so severely, ruining any chance I might have of a good search engine position?”

Absolutely Not!

Although we do have thousands of members BUT, no two Pro2 sites are the same. Your site is one of a kind.

This again sets 1stPromotion  apart from the sea of low-tech imitations that seem to be everywhere you look. We were the first, and are still the #1, and for good reason :>)

Why? Because as a Pro2 member, you have complete control over the entire content of your store.

This is in stark contrast to other ClickBank malls which only offer a cloned “parking page”

(Read on to see how we will GIVE YOU one of these parking pages for FREE..and the one we give you for free is STILL better than the ones you see for up to $97.)

We help you break out of the boring turnkey look and feel of those cookie cutter sites that seem to clutter the web. Not only do you have total control over the look and feel of your site, but you also have total control over;

ALL of the content; (Text and images) ALL of the Meta Tags; (These are for search engines) ALL of the products; (actual product images and descriptions at the click of your mouse) and ALL of the affiliate programs on your website.

We put it in a search engine-friendly package where each member controls;

Page title; Store name; Page content; Color scheme; All links; Graphics & Images; Products; Affiliate programs; Meta keyword tags; Meta description tags; and much, much more.

If you love the idea of putting ClickBank to work for you, but don’t wish to promote some products or product categories, the Pro2 System is the answer for you!

With your Pro2 store you can choose to display a ClickBank Simple Search Box, a complete ClickBank Marketplace Search Portal, or no search feature at all!

No Need To Display Categories Or Products That You Do Not Wish To!

Take a look at two sample sites below:

View Demo Site#1
General ClickBank Mall & Affiliate Portal

View Demo Site#2
Specialty Store Targeted To
AdWare/Spyware Removal

This means that if you wish to have a site about gardening, you can choose to ONLY display gardening products and services.

If you wish to promote survey sites, or work at home opportunities, you can choose to ONLY display relevant products and services.

Any niche, any subject. You have complete control!

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