Just What Is The Global Resorts Network About Anyhow?

Global Resorts could very well be one of the greatest business opportunities found on the internet today. The GRN membership offers anyone considering timeshare/fractional ownership a choice of over 5000 resorts around the globe, at a fraction of the given buy-in costs associated with timeshare properties which average about $17,000.00 plus an addition of $900.00 in yearly annual fees. It is easy to see why Global Resorts with a one time 100 year membership fee has so many satisfied customers and successful reps.

The opportunity with Global Resorts is a easy grasp given the 50% + average savings their members enjoy on 3-4-5 star resorts when compared straight up to such notable travel services as Travelocity, Orbitz and Expedia. Members also realize savings on many other aspects of their travel plans such as Airfare, Cruises and Car Rentals. Couple these discounts to a very unique pay plan (that pays-out to two people a like amount of money) the incentive is very high for all those involved to be doing all they can to be successful in leading others to this travelers bargain.

Further benefits of membership are unrestricted 52 week per year travel options, instead of being tied into specific time slots members can choose exactly when and how often they would like to use their membership. With over 5000 resorts world wide the Globe is every GRN members playground, no more being stuck in the same old resort year after year. An additional 3 weeks per year are available to each member which can be used by friends or family members. The membership has been sold for over 21 years at an average cost of $10,000.00 but through a unique online opportunity the membership price is only $2995.00 for a lifetime of travel. How do they do it?

If you find yourself in search of a proven Business Opportunity that appeals to almost everyone and can put a living wage back into your pocket I think Global Resorts is worth a close look. A product people have actually wanted since 1986 from an industry that is out pacing the world economy by an annual rate of 27%!


David was a outdoor manufacturers rep for 15+ years covering the blue ribbon waters of the Pacific North-West states and also traveled the globe to ply many different fresh and saltwater fish species with Fly Rod in hand. Teaching all aspects of Fly Fishing, Tying and Casting are still a passion as are Mt. Biking, Hiking, River Rafting, Photography and enjoying the great outdoor environments of the Montana landscape he calls home.

Article Author :David_L._Rice


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