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Layers of Profit present tricks to laying horses on the betting exchanges. This e mail based mostly tips service is sent everyday to those who subscribe and are members. This service advises that you lay the selection at a maximum odds. At the beginning of my evaluate, I have recorded the outcomes on this suggested selection price and lower.

The owner of Layers of Profit system advised that you need to begin with a 35 pt bank. I really laid 1 pt for each choice hoping to win 0.ninety five pts for every successful lay. This system prices 19.99 pounds per month through Clickbank.

I have actually tried the system twice. The first trial was able to provide me 6 selections a day and the ceiling for placing bets was 6.0 on the exchanges. Nonetheless, the trial and the model itself have been stopped attributable to private problems of the owner throughout that time. During that point of the trial, the Layers of Profit system had recovered to a -four pt loss overall.

When the layers of Profit system resumed its service, the owner has asked me to do the trial again this time with new rules of 1 choice per day and has a lowered betting ceiling to 4.0. So, after a few discussions, we agreed to do the retrial of the system making me differentiate its efficiency on the first trial with the second one.

And listed here are the figures I’ve obtained for layers of Profit after the trial: with odds of 1.5, 22 bets were matched, profitable lays is 13, strike charge is 59.09% and pts Profit is 7.85. 2.1 odds had matched bets of 35, profitable lays of 26, strike rate is 74.29% and income points is 14.80. 2.6 odds had 46 matched bets, 37 winning lays, strike charge of 80.43 and income of 20.80 %. 3.2 odds had 56 matched bets, 47 winning lays, strike fee of 83.93% and 30.09% Profit points. 3.6 odds had 61 matched bets, fifty two winning lays, 85.25% strike rate and 32.39% Profit points. And lastly, odds had 70 matched bets, sixty one profitable lays, 87.14 strike charge and 34.57% Profit points.

These odds had been randomly chosen and do not have something to do with displaying winnings. Lower than 4.0 odds were included to show if there are any possibilities of Profit if the percentages were lower. If requested odds of 4.0 will be used, there are actually three potential results; first, wager is matched right away. Second, wager is not matched but will keep operating, then will be matched throughout its running state, and third, wager just isn’t matched but will maintain operating and still can be no match.

If you are looking for the overall statistics for the layers of Profit assessment then, within the 84 days of operating, there were 84 selections. There are 9 winning horses at Betfair whose prices began at 1.74, 3.35, 3.4, 4.54, 3.09, 5.three, 5.6, 3.sixty two and 4.3. three have been winners in that 6 day interval and no consecutive winners. The longest successful run was 18 days. On the end of the trial, Layers of Profit ended up with 16 straight successful lays.

Now with the Profit statistics, if you’re utilizing bets with the quantities of 10 pounds, 20, 50 and 100. It is fairly obvious that profits will increase as you improve the amount. However, the probabilities of winning might be lessened as you might be concentrating on one or only few stakes. The best way to increase your probabilities of profitable using the layers of Profit is to spread out your bets on different selections. So if you are betting on a odds at a wager of 10 pounds, you’ll be able to really make a 345.70 profit. However of course, you also have to pay for the service offered by Layers of Profit. It costs 19.99 pounds monthly, so if you will take a look at the trial period, it will sum up to 3 monthsí subscription. Still, you’re going to get good amount of Profit then.

If we will have a look on the 4.0 odds closely, the factors of Profit is at 34.57. The subscription fees are already deducted from this percentage. And this is still an enormous amount in betting. All in all, Layers of Profit will get a 4.5 star rating from me, based mostly on its performance and the figures it has provided through the trial and re-trial period.

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Layer Of Profit Reviews

Layer Of Profit Review


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