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by George DeanEverything you need to know about using Facebook to dramatically increase your profits is contained in one straightforward, easy to use guide called PROFITABLE FREELANCING WITH FACEBOOK. Facebook can be an excellent resource for professionals who sell services. That’s because the Internet has made it very easy for people who need your services to connect with you, regardless of whether you are in their geographical location or not.

Online Copyright Manual for Everyone by Bob HadleyThe Internet is an intellectual property rights battlefield. Those who know how to handle the situation will do fine. Those who don’t may find themselves in trouble! ONLINE COPYRIGHT MANUAL FOR EVERYONE will teach you to protect your copyrights and to avoid accidentally stepping on anyone else’s! You can learn how to avoid the copyright infringement problems that are driving others crazy!

How to Make Money From Home As A Freelancer
by Andy AndersonAre you frustrated with your regular 9 to 5 job? Do you work endless hours for less than acceptable pay only to be left with a paycheck that barely pays the bills? How to Make Money From Home As A Freelancer shows you how to utilize your skills to earn money every day as a freelancer.

CASH CONTENT : Learn How to Make Money Selling Freely Available Public Data! 
by Dani WilliamsLearn how you can legally sell freely available public information to make money on the Internet! You are about to discover an information source that will put you ahead of other would-be entrepreneurs – everything you need to earn money from free online public data sources!

HOME-BASED NICHE RICHES : The Step By Step System For Finding, Exploiting And Cashing In On Little Known Niches
by Brian ScottThere are dozens of undiscovered ways to find profitable niches online, many of which people have never heard. This opens up the floodgates of opportunity to make lots of money in niche markets. Are you ready to discover a simple way to generate profits online in little known niche markets?

by Dan MulliganNow, for the first time, you can make money with ClickBank™, but you don’t have to go through the costly trial and error nonsense. DAN MULLIGAN has spent years doing that for you! For the first time he provides a comprehensive blueprint to teach you his hard-earned lessons so you can go straight to making money.

SOCIAL COPYWRITING 2.0 : Learn How to Write Compelling Copy for the Internet Age
by Brian ScottSOCIAL COPYWRITING 2.0 will help you learn the vital skills necessary to write sales copy that actually works for the Internet Age. SOCIAL COPYWRITING 2.0 is a comprehensive resource written through the combined efforts of seasoned professionals who know what it really takes to sell all kinds of products and services.


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