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Backup Blu-ray disc with BD+ or AACS safety by way of Bluray Copy
This program incorporates good Blu-ray discs decryption technology to efficiently decrypt most Blu-ray discs with AACS or BD+ protection. The power to convert Blu-ray to DVD of this Blu-ray Copy makes Blu-ray movies playable on DVD plyers for convenient movie enjoyment. It may also copy BD-50 to BD-25 discs for compression without high quality loss.

Good CSS-DVD decryption within this Bluray Copy
Copying Blu ray could be perfectly realized through this Blu-ray Copy program. But this Blu ray DVD Copy might additionally smartly copy the standard DVD disc with CSS protection. Copy DVD-9 to DVD-5 is also out there inside this Blu-ray Copy.

Three-way picks of copying content material
This Blu ray Copy program allows you to select how the program will copy content from full, fundamental, custom mode if the enter is Blu-ray.

Considerate enhancing power for users
Before finishing the copy procedures, this Blu-ray to DVD converter allows customers to set proper subtitle and audio in response to language choice and preview the display effect.

1:1 disc to disc duplication for backup
It duplicates Blu-ray movie from discs of Blu-ray to a different Blu-ray or Blu-ray to DVD without high quality loss.

Create ISO image for your Blu-ray movie
This program can create a compressed ISO image of the Blu-ray disc, which is perfect for backup on PC exhausting disk.

High speed Blu-ray disc duplication
Leawo Blu-ray Copy is likely one of the fastest Blu-ray disc copy instruments which may greatly save your time and energy.

No system delay or useful resource hogging
This program requires little system resource so that it can run on low system configurations.

One-click on operation, easy and fast
Import the source, choose the target and begin copying, no technical worries.

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Review Of Leawo Blu-ray Copy

Blu-ray Copy Review


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