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Here’s a few great posts to earn money through blogging .I came across here that I wanted to share:

  • 13 Blogging Forums You Should Join or At Least Check Out!  Forums are a great way of not only getting traffic to your site, but getting quality traffic. More importantly, you learn and build relationships with other bloggers to earn money through blogging,
  • Simple Steps to Increase Google Page Rank  1. Linking is the best and probably the fastest way to improve your page rank. The focus here is to get a link back with sites, preferably ones with higher page ranks. There are many sites that offer link backs, but it’ll usually take longer to insert your link on their sites. But if you can pay someone to get a link back from a higher page rank site, you’ll probably be approved within a week.
  • Four Steps To Get You On Your Way Blogging for $$$$$  The first step to being on your way to successfully making money blogging is to select a blogging platform. There are numerous free ones on the web, so that is definitely recommended. Also make sure the one you are choosing is one that offers tools and plugins you can use in order to make things easier on yourself. The two best choices when choosing a blogging platform are Blogger or WordPress. Both are free and have all the things you need to get your blog idea rolling.



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