establishing an online income is very exciting.

Imagine going to your postal mailbox to find a nice big fat check in it for your online efforts!

Now let’s bump that dream up a bit, and imagine that you go to your postal mailbox and find a nice big fat check for you online efforts EVERY DAY!

You can do it!

Did you know that right now, I receive about 30 checks from various affiliate networks each and every month. That’s like……getting a paycheck each and every day of the month!

Establishing “multiple sources of income” is one of the most exciting opportunities available to each and every one of us. The only difference is that I took the necessary action to do it.

You can take the same action, and we show you how to do it!

Imagine getting a $100.00 check in the mail.

Not bad eh?

Now imagine getting 30 checks for $100.00 each.

Even better!

Now… if you imagine that some of those checks are four or five figures, you can see how we are talking very serious money.

It’s that old adage;

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

Nothing better than having multiple baskets of golden eggs, is there!


Not only is using the 1stPromotion  Integrated Income System like signing up as an affiliate with every single vendor in the ClickBank
Marketplace. There are dozens of other hot affiliate programs and products built right into the Pro2 system that you may choose to join.

Remember that idea of a paycheck each day? Sounding more like a reality isn’t it?

These are just some of the great affiliate programs integrated into the Pro2 system:

SFI – Strong Future International (formerly Six Figure Income) TrafficSwarm Bryan Winter’s Push-Button Publishing IMC Internet Marketing Center (brainchild of the late Corey Rudl) Ken Evoy’s 5 Pillar Program (SiteSell & more) Native Remedies NitroMarketing Dropship Wholesalers Veretekk and many, many more!

Here’s a neat feature! If you are a member of a great affiliate program, simply use our “Suggest A Product” or “Suggest A Program” link and we’ll add your affiliate program to the directory!

And when we join, we join through YOUR link.

If your affiliate program is a 2-tier program,just imagine how many second tier members you can gain by simply submitting your program and being approved!

Every single 1stPromotion member will then have the option to join your program right through the private Pro2 Member’s Area!

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