You know, it’s not that long ago that Ron and I walked in your shoes, or some just like them.

You see, we don’t have a Masters Degree in marketing or a Phd in B.S., but what we do have is the sum of all of our successes and failures, and we are going to share these with you if you are willing to listen, and willing to learn.

You’ll find no hype, and no empty promises here. Just facts that will educate and motivate. I won’t tell you that it is “my way or the highway”. There are all kinds of excellent marketing methods out there. It will be up to you to decide the means that interests, motivates, and is successful for you.

We won’t leave you high and dry. We know that when you succeed, we succeed.

Each new member to 1stPromotion receives a copy of an “Income Accelerator Guide”, outlining exactly what they can do to promote their business on the web . We also provide you with the same resources that we use!

For a very limited time, we’re including a free copy of our “Idiot’s Guide To Web Marketing” , a HUGE 306-page ebook on everything you wanted to know about web marketing….and then some!

The “Idiot’s Guide To Web Marketing” sells every day on ClickBank for $47.00, but it is yours free when you join us. This is a great reference for any website owner, not just affiliate marketers.

If you know nothing at all about marketing today, don’t expect to “know it all” tomorrow…. Marketing can be a bit of an elephant to swallow….

Keep in mind the old joke…

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

If it seems overwhelming, put it down for a while push back from the table and revisit this later.
If we can build up anything at all in you, let it be confidence!

You won’t catch me quoting web marketing “gurus” or success phenomenon here. While many of them are great, too many are great in their own minds only. I personally have been burned by too many “experts”, and had my wallet emptied by them more times than I care to mention.

The Internet is a daily learning experience. Even the most savvy of marketers must continue to
learn on a daily basis. Happily, I am not savvy. I much prefer to be known as downright unpolished.

Yep, add a little hype and polish and I could retire sooner…. probably much sooner. However,
I told my wife Donna not that long ago that “Yes, I want to be rich, but I want to be able to sleep at night too!” The tactics used here are not “guerilla”, just “learned” common sense.

But wait you say…. you can’t learn common sense, it is just in you! Well, yes, you are
right. But given the fact that there is too much hype, and too many claims about miracle products from too many self-proclaimed and virtually unknown “gurus” and “marketing gods”, we have been amputated of our ability to use our common sense on the web. So, I like to call it a
“learned common sense”.

When you are face-to-face, everyone has a built-in “B.S. filter” that will give off all kinds of warnings to warn you of high-pressure, questionable sales pitches. This BS filter allows you to make informed and knowledgeable purchases or commitments. On the web, though, we are frequently blinded to this “gut feeling”, and can’t use our common sense.

The speed and convenience of catch-phrases like:

“Activate Your Account Now”


“Put your income on Auto-pilot!”

have numbed our common sense’s ability to prevail.

If you could, you’d be hearing warnings going off on a lot of offers. What I mean by “learned” common sense is that I will basically allow you to borrow mine for a while.

Think of me as a B.S. filter for you.

No, I won’t make the decisions for you, but I will try to show you the truth in what I have faced so far as far as opportunity on the web. A chance for you to learn from my mistakes.

I much prefer a “belly-to-belly” approach to doing any kind of business, but it is a little tougher when we are talking global neighborhoods. If at any time you feel you need assistance, drop me an email to sales@ and I will respond to you. Include your phone number and I’ll call you directly.

Remember what I mentioned about not quoting web marketing “gurus” or success phenomenon’s here? Well, it doesn’t mean I won’t be throwing the odd quote in here and there. Here’s one from a winner pretty much anyone in the world can identify with!

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Michael Jordan

What 1stPromotion Pro Is Not!

Ever try pushing a car with a rope? It just doesn’t work, but try pulling that car with a rope and it is a whole different book of possibilities. I am not saying you can pull it, I don’t know you and I don’t know your motivation.

Ron & I provide great resources and marketing tools with your 1stPromotion membership. We won’t leave you high and dry. As I stated above, we want you to succeed.

But I can’t make you read the guides. I can’t make you use the resources that we include. That is up to you. I am willing to help you to succeed but it comes right down to you as an individual. If you “don’t know how” we can help, that just isn’t an excuse anymore.

With the tools and shown how best to use them makes the whole “making money on the web” idea a lot more possible!

Looking for guarantees?

We have one, and its the best one in the business.60 days no questions asked, and you KEEP the tools, software, ebooks, and everything else. keep the whole lot!

How can we afford to offer such a guaratnee? It’s easy. It’s because we hAve so few reFunds! We are going to do out VERY BEST to make sure you are not just HAPPY with our product, we want you to be ELATED! We want you to tell all your friends so they will join us too! Get it? :>)

If you provide people the BEST tools available, you don’t need hype or bonuses. (we still offer bonuses too though!…just cause everyone loves a freebie or two!)

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