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Get paid for blogging. You’ve been writing about Web sites, products, services and companies you love for years and you have yet to benefit from all the sales and traffic you have helped generate. That’s about to change. With PayPerPost advertisers are willing to pay you for your opinion on various topics. Search through a list of Opportunities, make a blog posting, get your content approved, and get paid. It’s that

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Opportunities and Advertiser Requirements

Why are some Opportunities highlighted?

When you view the Open Opportunities in your Blogger account, you will notice some Opportunities are highlighted. Below are the meanings of those highlights:

  • Green: Advertiser requested their Opportunity be highlighted. You notice those first, huh?
  • Grey: While this Opportunity has not been completely filled by submitted posts, the available spots have been reserved by other Bloggers. During reservation, those Bloggers may complete and submit their posts, or they may decide to not submit. Some posts on this Opportunity may open again. If that happens, the Opportunity will no longer be highlighted in grey.
  • Red: These opportunities are not available to you based on segmentation requirements. If you click on the Opportunity, you will receive a pop up box that shows the requirements. One or more items do not match your blog, check the rankings and categories being requested.

When are Opportunities released?

Opportunities may be released around the clock, 7 days / week.

How do I submit a post for a Marketplace Opportunity I like?

If you qualify for an Opportunity, you will be able to click on it and see the full details. You will select the ‘Take this Opportunity’ button in the Opportunity’s description page. The page will extend to include fields for your post details. Once you have written your post, you must complete the information in the extended Opportunity page and now select the Take this Opportunity button at the bottom of that page.

How much time do I have to write my post?

Once you have selected Take this Opportunity, you have 6 hours to complete the requirements as listed in the Opportunity and submit the post via PayPerPost. It is best to begin research and work on the post as soon as you have decided to accept the Opportunity.

How long before my post is reviewed?

Our goal is to review posts within 48-72 hours. During high traffic times, the review process may take longer, and we apologize for the delays. We are putting measures into place to cut down on review time.

Can I accept the same Opportunity if I have multiple blogs?

At this time, no you may not accept the same Opportunity multiple times. You may select each Opportunity once as a Blogger. Please be sure to select the most appropriate of your approved blogs for the specific Opportunity.

When do I get paid for an approved post?

Once your post is approved, our system sends it back to the Review team for a second round check 30 days after the original submit date. If the post is still live, and unchanged, it will be approved again and you will receive payment via PayPal.

Why was my post rejected?

The rejection note provided by the Reviewer should explain this. If not, please contact Customer Love. You may also find the general requirements for posts in our Terms of Service.

What if I do not agree with a rejection of a blog or post?

It’s best to start a ticket to the Customer Love Team. Please include the post or blog in question along with the full rejection notice you received.

How do I resubmit a rejected post?

Next to the rejection note from the Reviewer, there will be an option to Edit Post. Select that link after you have made the needed changes, and select Save Changes. This will send it back to our queue for another Review. You have 3 days to resubmit the corrections. It is best to resubmit as soon as possible.

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