The 10 Most Powerful Prospecting Tips In Network Marketing

Networking has been a fascinating business avenue these days of rapid gobalization and cross country businesses. An effective netmarketing worker should learn the art of contacting people and convince them to be a prospective client. Following are tips for powerful prospecting tips.

1. Build a rock solid belief in network marketing, your company, and yourself.

2. Prospect from a mental position of prosperity and abundance…and convey this position to your prospect in the first 5-10 seconds on the phone.

3. Never chase people or attempt to convince people. Million dollar leaders don’t need any one specific individual to build an empire.

4. Convince yourself that you are offering people the best opportunity in the world…and then convey that to them in a powerful and dramatic way.

5. Don’t continue to prospect family and friends that have given you a firm no answer unless you are willing to jeopardize your relationships. Ask them to be customers and give you referrals instead.

6. Always keep at least 300-500 names on your prospect list.

7. Use lists of people in which you have some kind of connection and credibility.

8. Only use the phone to set up appointments. Nothing will ever replace the emotional connection created face to face in a one on one. Network marketing is driven by relationships, and if you don’t create them in the beginning, your business becomes a commodity, and commodity’s are vulnerable.

9. Use proven, tested, and prepared scripts when you are booking appointments by phone, and learn delivery techniques that are used by the pros. Million-dollar leaders are risk adverse and don’t leave anything to chance.

10. Learn the secrets that professional performers use to build fortunes, and follow them to the letter. 90% percent of prospecting is a mental game and you need to have the right tools to play in the big leagues.

Prof. G S Patnaik is a consultant orthopedic and spinal surgeon with advancd degrees in orthopedic and trauma surgery ,sociology , economics,public administration.presently he is persuing courses in management and international law. His interests includes study of scriptures of all faith and is a well known columnist and a gifted public speaker He can be contacted at Web Page:

Article Author :Gourishankar_Patnaik


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