The Humiliating Monavie Facts Behind Recruiting Your Upline Won’t Tell You

Monavie Facts: Statistically speaking, over 95% of networkers fail in this industry and it is the ONLY industry that has such a mind-blogging percentage of failure. What you’re about to be exposed to might contradict what you’ve been taught by your upline or your company but you must know the Monavie facts. Would it shock you if l tell you that the top 1% of networkers didn’t get to where they were by doing what you’ve been told! Do any of these impractical techniques sound familiar?

#1. Make a list of your friends and family

#2. Pass out business cards, flyers, CDs, and other promotional materials

#3. 3-way call to your upline

#4. Go to hotel meetings and drive across town to meet “hot” prospects

#5. Let the product sell itself

#6. Just get 3 who get 3 and you’re rich

#7. Get a website and share it with your neighbors

#8. Host home parties

If you’re nodding your head then here’s what I recommend. STOP doing these techniques that are not working for you. These are the Monavie Facts to failing! You need to find more productive and cost-effective ways to promote Monavie. As a business owner, you need to make smarter business decisions and evaluate what is working and is not working for you. Stop hoping a technique will work but find out the Monavie Facts about recruiting.

Here are some tips any Networker must know to be in the top 3% of network marketers.

Tip #1- If something hasn’t worked for you in the past, why keep doing it?

Monavie facts show that most people continue to keep doing the same techniques over and over again and hoping for a different result. Then some think that the issue will be solved if they switched to another MLM company. Look, it’s not that YOU are not capable; you’re just being taught worthless and worn out techniques that only work for your Leaders.

Tip #2- You must treat YOUR business as YOUR business. Don’t think of yourself as a gopher or someone simply helping your upline grow their business.

This means that even if your upline is creating success, you need to find out how much success they have, and are they telling you exactly what they’re doing to create that success in their business. Ask them for the Monavie facts because I’ll tell you right now that most of these “Leaders” didn’t get there by doing the techniques I listed above. So think about YOUR business and how to Manage your own business, not helping to grow your upline’s or your company’s business.

Tip #3 – Position Yourself As An Expert In Monavie. To do so, you must know the Monavie facts. By Doing This, you’ll have Prospects by the dozens, even Hundreds or THOUSANDS that are inquiring to YOU and asking “How Do I Sign Up With You?”

Positioning alone is like marketing on steroids. If you can accomplish this one characteristic and understand the Monavie facts of recruiting you’ll enroll so many reps you wont know what to do with them. But before you can do that, you need to know how to find people. Not just anyone off the streets, or in our family, like what we’ve all been taught.

You want people who already have a need, want or desire for what YOU have, that’s the key! The Monavie facts state that if you want to be successful, you must learn how to find an unlimited number of leads of people everyday who want and need what you have. What would happen to your business if you had 10-20 people everyday contacting you for more information about what you have? What about 50-75 prospects a day? Would you still be needing your J-O-B or would you be searching for ways to manage that growth? The Monavie Facts show that if you learn the correct way to position yourself, those numbers are considered average.

That’s the power of positioning, but you need to learn the know-how from masters who have already done that and have been there. Those who can teach you how to grow a business from scratch. Learn how to market and NOT how to sell. “Talking” to your friends, family and strangers at the grocery store is selling.

Here are some pointers on how to position yourself:

Create a website. Here are some Monavie facts. People like websites. Since not everyone knows how to make one, it puts a lot of credibility in you. Now of course you can’t just have any website, but you need one that delivers the right message. You need to understand the Monavie facts which include all of the benefits and also know the pain of your audience.

After you address their pain, you need to solve it by sharing the Monavie facts, the benefits your product or service has to offer. Of course after you create a decent website, you need to know how to get traffic to that site or else you’re just wasting your time.

There are 2 primary ways to get traffic. One is Pay Per Click and the other one is to index your site. The Monavie facts show that the former is the quickest way to get traffic but cost the most. The latter requires the least amount of investment but will take a while to get traffic. You need to figure out what is more important to you, time or money.

Using the internet is the best way to find targeted audience and reduce the convincing process, or the “selling” process. Finding people who already have a pain, need, or a desire for what you have is marketing. When you learn to market, people will be thanking you instead of the other way around. Hope you got some valuable tips to help you along your journey to financial success. Remember, don’t rely of hopes of your business growing. Find out the Monavie facts about growing the business.

Tony Hua is a Guaranteed Business Growth Specialist dedicated to help other struggling entrepreneurs to explode their businesses. He is a Certified Graduate in the Art and Science of Marketing and is mastering the 3 most explosive tools to add 20-30 reps a week. To learn more about growing your business, visit his website by clicking on Monavie Facts or call him directly at (407) 574-3303 for a free business consultation.

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