The True Sportsman!

A true sportsman puts years of hard work and determination into his passion. What work for him are his undying perseverance and his loyal dedication towards his sport. What works along with him, is his pair of Nike Dunks and this has even been agreed by Ed Hardy, the tattooist. Designed ideally for those who sweat it out, Nike Dunks have special characteristics that helps the sportsman in his field. Especially for skaters and basketball players, these pairs of shoes have a light body with a special sole that help in providing a grounded performance.

On a completely different front however, Nike Dunks have now emerged into a powerful style statement, best suited with True Religion Jeans. They are available in a variety of different colors that suit the tastes of the young and fresh crowd, especially students of colleges and universities. Nike also spearheaded a “College Colors” program in which it entered into a tie up with the basketball teams of a certain number of colleges. This enabled Nike Inc. to bag a loyal fan following and at the same time also generated immense popularity of the shoes. As a hardy shoe, as well as a great cult icon, the prices of Nike Dunks has only been going higher due to its ever- increasing demand all over the world.


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