There are terrible rumors flooding the Internet about affiliates being robbed of hard-earned
commissions. While I believe this may occur on some minor frequency, our testing and experience
has identified that it just isn’t as bad as many would have you believe.

Truth is, the bearer of the “gloom & doom” of affiliate link theft can usually be found to be thoughtfully including a link to a product that they claim will eliminate the theft problem completely.

Let me explain why by using a situation and challenge that I used at a recent affiliate marketing conference I attended.

While speaking with a small group of fellow marketers on the perceived threat of ClickBank affiliate link theft, I put the challenge to each and every one of them.

I challenged them to walk out the door of the hotel and find any one on the street that wasn’t
attending the conference that knew of ClickBank. I told them if they could find anyone that knew
what ClickBank was, I would pay them $100.00

By the end of the weekend following countless interrogations of restaurant staff and passers-by, my $100.00 was still safely tucked away in my wallet.

You see, the web has billions of potential customers. These are the potential buyers from
your website. ClickBank has only about 140,000 affiliates. Pretty safe bet that most people out there don’t know what an affiliate url is, let alone how, or even why to cheat it.

Even with the absolute BEST anti-affiliate link theft software out there, there is no way to
completely eliminate ClickBank link theft.

Why? Because as soon as you transfer the customer from your site to ClickBank’s, the affiliate has no control over what is displayed or revealed in the web address or the pages to follow.

Most ClickBank affiliates know how to cheat a ClickBank affiliate url, but don’t do it anyway.
But there are the unscrupulous few out there that will, but they are the exception and little can
be done to deter them.

Did You Know?

1stPromotion has still elected to protect all of your search and browse links from affiliate theft? Even though we know that link theft is more a fallacy than a threat, we have integrated multiple security features to maximize your link security and your “feel-good factor”.

These security measures are also included in all of 1stPromotion’s search boxes and plug-ins.

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