What is Working Today in Network Marketing Online

Since 1994 when I first got involved in network marketing, a lot has changed.

There was no such thing as a blog or myspace or you tube. The thought of generating your own leads that knew you, liked you and trusted you was so far removed from my line of thinking it’s amazing.

Now network marketing online seems to be the only way to go.

One of my prospects asked me today, “Tim, what is the best way to get leads?”

I said, “Generate your own by offering something of value for free to people in exchange for their contact information.” That’s it. Keep giving them good quality information and don’t try to sell them anything.

Most people are just guessing what to do and trusting a “guru” because they don’t know what to do.

I say “YOU are the GURU.”

We want more than just a hope and a wish. It takes more than just an e-book or a course to help you and guide you to success. Courses are great because they can teach you skills to be successful, but at the end of the day success comes from being the leader that people are looking for. It starts with your mindset and the way you see yourself.

According to a survey conducted by Leaders Club, only 8% of the people surveyed were making at least half of their income from network marketing.

The other 92% are leading a Willy Loman life!

Success is more than just knowledge – it’s leadership. It’s applied knowledge that produces results. You need training that teaches consistent growth and allows you to stay ahead of the curve. The internet changes every five minutes. What worked yesterday may not work today.

Why are people failing? Because they’re being misled by slick marketers who tell them their e-books or courses are going to make them rich. People look for something outside themselves to give them the results they’re looking for.

If you are just making an extra $1000 a month then you’ve done more than what most people in the industry are doing. This a mortgage payment for a lot of people.

When you’re comfortable and skilled at several marketing methods that are getting results for you, repeat them over and over. Consistency is key once you know what works.

Track your results no matter how insignificant they may seem. Write it down because when you know what works you can do it over and over again. It if stops working then

Prospecting has evolved, it’s not better or worse… just different.

When you know how to adapt to this and when you know WHO you’re marketing TO, this is when you’re business will grow.

People are so busy and so bombarded with marketing they rarely even pay attention to what they’re looking at.

You have to be able to build trust and earn your prospects’ attention. You do this by leading with value and reciprocity. You have to give more give value if you’re going to get more get value.

These methods are what works in network marketing online today.

Social media content creation that showcases you as a leader in the industry. You can do that even if you’re brand new if you learn how see yourself as a leader in your mind first. You will only rise to the level of your self esteem, plain and simple.

Tim Welch has been in the network marketing and direct sales industry since 1994. As an introverted artist, he found it difficult to use the “old school” methods of marketing like cold calling leads, so he decided to learn how to use the internet to market himself. Now he can teach you what they call “The Attraction Marketing Method” – How to get free leads and cash for your MLM with web 2.0 marketing. Once you know this you’ll never buy another mlm lead again and people will be calling you asking if they can join to your business:http://www.WhoisTimWelch.com

Article Author :Tim_Welch


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