Work From Home Scams – How To Avoid Them

So, you’re look for ways to make money online? There are so many work from home scams out there, not just on the internet but offline as well, that are cleverly designed to deceive innocent people and relieve them of their hard-earned cash. It’s so easy to be suckered into these scams because they’re nearly always well-written, provide testimonials (often faked), so-called “proof of income”, and promises of easy riches. On the other side of the coin, there are also many many genuine opportunities allowing you to make an income from home. Well, let me tell you how to spot the scams from the real deal…

One thing nearly all “biz ops” (business opportunities) have in common is Testimonials. These are usually from genuine emails and letters from people that have signed up with the biz op, and have seen positive results – i.e they are making money and they’re happy with how things are going with the system. But how do you know that these testimonials are really genuine. Well, it’s not always obvious. But after a while you learn to spot them. Very often, scam sites have the occasional bit of bit grammar or spelling (don’t we all), and these errors can also be found in the testimonials. You get to spot a particular writing style, and if this style is continued in the testimonials, then there’s a good chance the same person who wrote the sales pitch also wrote those testimonials.

An example of good testimonials are from genuine people who you can Google and read more about – for example if you see a testimonial from a “big name” or respected internet marketer, it’s a pretty safe bet that the opportunity is genuine and not a scam (but not always, obviously)

Subscription Fees. Recently I saw an ad in my local newspaper, in the jobs section. It said to visit a particular website and sign-up, and I would be paid a lot of money for filling envelopes. Problem is, they ask for a registration fee. I have seen similar setups for companies advertising jobs on cruise ships. But if you read the small print, there is no actual promise of any work being sent your way. Basically, any site that promises to send you work if you pay a registration fee of any kind, is almost always going to be a scam. These types of work from home scams have been around for a long time. The envelope-filling scam I almost fell for was asking for a ?0 membership fee! Can you image how many gullible people will have actually signed up for it, and then been disappointed when no actual work came their way? Somebody out there is making a lot of money.

Hopefully this information will help you through the maze of genuine and bogus businesses opportunities out there.

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Article Author :David_B_Black

Business Opportunity and Work-At-Home Scams
Work From Home Scams   How To Avoid Them
This book describes several of the common scams that can turn the American dream of owing one’s own business into a nightmare for hopeful, but unwary, would-be entrepreneurs who are often defrauded when their business opportunity turns into a flop-portunity.


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